4 Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing Emergencies Adelaide

If you’re reading this, grab a pen, grab a piece of paper and write down this number – 0400 386 991. This is Modern Era Plumbing’s number. Local Adelaide Plumbers who can help you out if there’s a plumbing emergency. If your toilet overflows, your drain smells, your pipe bursts we’ll be there to fix it!

Here are 4 common plumbing emergencies we help out with.

Modern Era Plumbing Emergencies – click here. 

We’ll dispatch a fully qualified plumber to your property within an hour of your call. No matter what the problem is, even if it’s 2 am on the weekend we’ll be there!

Plumbing Emergencies Adelaide

Is your hot water system leaking or not working?

Overflowing Toilet

Your toilet may be clogged or have a malfunction. In order to fix it, we’ll need to shut down the water flow. Once the water source has been located and turned off, the issue can be addressed. Try a plunger, but more serious clogs may require serious work.

TIP: Avoid flushing hair and/or female products down the toilet.

Clogged Drain

Water taking ages to drain from your sink? Notice a heinous smell coming from your drain? It’s probably blocked. READ our five drain maintenance tips to make sure you’re keeping your drain in tip-top shape. You can also read tips on how to unclog your drain here.

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Burst Pipes

If your pipes have not been replaced for years, they may have corroded which weakens the pipes causing them to burst. If a pipe has burst, turn off your water supply and move all furniture and appliances out the way to prevent water damage.

Water Heater Malfunction

Don’t you hate it when you’re enjoying a nice hot shower that suddenly turns cold? Your hot water system might need repair. Give us a call – we can help with this.

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