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Prep your plumbing for Christmas - Adelaide Plumber

Tips from an Adelaide Plumber: 5 Tips to Prep Your Plumbing for Christmas.

Finally, Christmas is here! Time to put up the tree and turn up the holiday tunes. It’s also a time where relatives from across the country come to visit. They’ll need a place to stay – so why not at your home? You have the space and the rooms. But have you thought about your plumbing? Christmas can be an extra stressful time for your pipes. So here are our five top tips to prepare your plumbing for the holidays. 

Start in the Kitchen 

We know it’s easier, but pouring that used cooking oil or food scraps down your kitchen sink could clog your pipes. Even worse, they could add onto a growing blockage you don’t know about. The last thing you need during Christmas lunch is a backed-up sink. Throw that waste in the bin instead. A bit of mess is far less inconvenient than a clogged sink.  

Make Some Bathroom Rules 

No one likes to lay down the law, but setting down some guidelines for your guests over the holidays could save you a lot of grief. Let your visitors know what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. To make it simple, anything that isn’t toilet paper or human waste shouldn’t be flushed. If you think having that conversation would dampen the Christmas mood, put a cheery sign-up. And don’t forget to put a bin in a spot where no one could miss it.  Shop for signs here.

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Connect Your BBQ to Your Home 

 Nothing is more stressful than realising you don’t have enough gas to cook your Christmas BBQ. So make sure you have enough gas bottles to last you throughout the day. But if you really want to impress the rellies, think about connecting your BBQ to your home’s gas system. That way you can cook at much as you need without ever running out.  

Take the Plunge  

What is more embarrassing than clogging a toilet? Telling someone about it. Spare your guests the shame and keep a plunger in plain sight. Your visitor can solve their problem on their own and without anyone knowing. Keep one in the kitchen as well. You might be able to quickly fix that blocked sink by yourself.  

Have an Inspection 

If you’re having a lot of your family for the Christmas break, think about getting a plumbing inspection. More guests mean more stress on your pipes, so it’s best to sort out any possible problems before they turn into catastrophes. Even the smallest leak can ruin the big day. So call us to arrange a time, and make sure that this Christmas is your best yet.

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