5 Ways to Not Fix a Leak

5 ways not to fix a leak

5 Ways to Not Fix a Leak. We all want to pitch in around the home, and fixing that pesky tap is a great way to earn your keep. But do you have the know-how to stop that leak without making it worse? Here are some handy hints on what not to do to stop the drip.

Having The Wrong Tools

 This may sound obvious, but not having the right tools is a big no-no. The job may seem simple enough to make do with the tools you have on hand, but using the wrong wrench on a pipe could break it. A trip to your local hardware store for the right tools could save you more time and money in the long run.


Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

Think you have time to replace that leaky valve without the bother of turning off the water? Think again! Those extra minutes spent turning the water off will not only save you a face full of water but possibly thousands of dollars in water damage. So don’t be a drip – turn that water off.


Not Getting Spare Parts

Off to the hardware store to replace that worn-out washer? Don’t forget the spare parts – because if that washer is worn, then other parts may be as well. It’s no use just replacing one damaged cartridge and not the broken gasket. A little extra time spent at the store will avoid a second trip, not to mention taking apart your tap again to find that annoying leak.

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Over Tightening Connections

Turning that pipefitting nice and tight is a sure way to stop that leak, right? Wrong! You may think that a tight connection will stop the drips, but you may be making it worse. Over tightening can crack a fitting. It may not happen straight away, but it will, and the force can create a flood.

5 ways not to fix a leak
Image source: Cleveland Water Department

Thinking You Can Turn the Shut Off Valve with More ‘Grunt’

We all want to flex our muscles from time to time, but using them on a jammed shut off valve may not be the best idea. Valves can become stuck when they are not used for a long time, and using more muscle may break off the knob. If you can’t turn it by hand, speak to a professional for advice on which tools to use.


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