6 Ways to Save Energy This Christmas 

6 ways to save energy this Christmas

6 Ways to Save Energy This Christmas 

Nothing says Christmas more than a house decorated with lights, and a kitchen filled with the smell of cooking turkey. But that must use a lot of power, right? Christmas is already an expensive time – so don’t add a huge electricity bill to it. But don’t worry. We’ve dug up the 6 best ways to save energy this Christmas.  

Dust off the BBQ  

Don’t stay cooped up in the kitchen – take your cooking outside and use the BBQ. Not only will you save electricity, but you’ll suddenly have yourself a casual, festive atmosphere. Not to mention a delicious and easy lunch! 

6 Ways to Save Energy This Christmas 
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Update Your Christmas Lights 

Still using those same old Christmas lights from years ago? Upgrade to brand new LED ones. They’re 70% more efficient than traditional lights, which means a smaller electricity bill. LED lights also don’t use glass or filaments so they will last longer.  

6 Ways to Save Energy This Christmas 
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Defrost the Old-Fashioned Way  

Ditch the microwave and defrost the turkey the natural way – by leaving it out overnight. Microwaves can eat up a lot of energy, especially if you’re using it to defrost Christmas lunch. And don’t forget to let the leftovers cool down completely before popping it into the fridge.   

Time Your Lights  

Everyone loves Christmas lights, but no one likes the electricity bill afterwards. Save some cash and put your lights on a timer. It’s more eco-friendly, and you won’t risk keeping your neighbours awake.  

6 ways to save energy this Christmas
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Don’t Forget the Air-Con   

Christmas time is always hot, so chances are everyone will be spending most of the day inside. Lighten the workload for your air-con and only keep it on in the rooms you are using.   

Magic Mirrors  

Thinking of buying more Christmas lights? Hold that thought – a couple of strategically placed mirrors will instantly double your amount, making your home look like a glittering Christmas land. That way, you won’t need to splash out the extra cash on your energy bill or new lights.


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