Adelaide Plumber Busts 6 Plumbing Myths

Adelaide Plumber. Plumbing myths

Adelaide Plumber Busts 6 Plumbing Myths. Who doesn’t love a good Myth Busters episode? I often have people ask me weird and wonderful questions around plumbing myths they’ve heard. I thought it might be fun to bust some of them.

Adelaide Plumber. Plumbing myths

Myth one: Ice sharpens your garbage disposal blades

For starters. Garbage disposals don’t have blades. They have teeth like impellers that grind solids and liquids as they spin. What you can put down the garbage disposal is lemon wedges and bi-card this will help clean the drain and improve its scent.

Myth two: Putting a brick in the toilet tank saves water

This isn’t entirely inaccurate. Putting a brick in your toilet tank only saves water if the brick extends above the lower water-level line. If the brick is completely submerged beneath the low fill line, the brick does not save any water.

Myth three: Running hot water down the drain melts and gets rid of grease in your drain

Partially true. While got water does help melt and move the grease down the pipe. The grease will eventually cool and just be stuck again, expect further down the pipe. Rather than fixing the grease problem, avoid it altogether by throwing grease in your garden or garden bin.

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Myth four: Wet wipes are flushable

Nope. Even when the packet says they are, they aren’t. Remember, there’s a big difference between ‘flushable’ and ‘should it be flushed’. Just because something says it’s flushable that doesn’t mean it should be. Wet wipes down the loo are a massive culprit for clogged drains. Instead of using wet wipes, purchase a toilet gel, like SATU. Simply spray regular toilet paper with the gel which gives the same effect as wet wipes, without the damage.

Myth five: Drain cleaners are good for the drain

Partially true. While some drain cleaners help clean your pipes, others contain harmful chemicals that eat away at it. Dish soap and hot water, bi-card and vinegar, and bi-card and salt all clean the toilet just as well as drain cleaner, without the damaging effects.

Myth six: Toilets flush in a different direction in Australia

Just for fun! Despite what Bart Simpson toilets do not flush in a different direction to the rest of the world.

We hope you learned something from this myth-busting blog. Be sure to check back in for more helpful plumbing tips and information.

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