Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

Advantages of Gas Fireplaces - Gas Fireplace Installation - Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Services

There’s something magical about sitting around a fire. Something primitive and historical. Perhaps it reminds us of childhood, roasting marshmallows around the camp fire. Whatever it is – fireplaces bring warmth to a home. Many Aussie families are opting for gas fireplaces in their homes and here’s why.

Advantages of a gas Fireplace - Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Services
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Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

Quick and constant heat

Fired up at the flick of a switch, gas fireplaces are quick and easy to ignite. Sure, there’s something nostalgic about building a fire, but when it’s freezing cold and the house needs some warmth – a gas fire is the way to go. The heat is also constant. It doesn’t need to be fed logs throughout the evening. You can control the temperature and keep your home warm as long as you need.

Environmentally friendly

Wood fires require wood. This isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Gas fires also don’t let off smoke into the air. Although wood is a very environmentally friendly source of fuel, one could argue that you’re saving trees by having a gas fire 🙂

Energy saving

A gas fireplace can save up to 25% on your energy bill. Talk to us about energy efficient gas heaters for your home.

Easy maintenance

Because gas heaters don’t use wood, there’s less ash and soot to clean up. They’re easy to maintain and only require cleaning once every couple months. Keep an eye out for our next blog on how to clean your gas fireplace.


Gas heaters and fireplaces come in a range of styles to fit your home. From sleek, slim and modern to chunky traditional looking fireplaces – there’s plenty of a range to choose from.

Child friendly

Gas fire behind protected glass can be a lot safer than an open wood fire. Wood fire logs can roll out of the fireplace or spark, which can be dangerous if kids are around. It’s cleaner and safer.

Need to install a gas appliance? Get in touch with Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Services. We offer a range of services from as installation through to leaks and maintenance.

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