Bathroom Remodelling: How to Save Money

Bathroom Remodelling How to Save Money

Bathroom Remodelling: How to Save Money

Thinking of freshening up your bathroom, but don’t have the cash? Even remodelling small bathrooms can be expensive. But doing up your lavatory doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our experienced plumbers have revealed their best secrets to save you money during your bathroom renovation.

Keep It Where It Is

Thinking about switching where your toilet and bath sit? Think again. Keeping major fixtures where they are can save you thousands of dollars. Moving sinks and taps means moving pipes as well, and that can add up to some serious cash. Not to mention the concrete or tiles you might have to replace in the move. So keep it in the same spot, and save some dough.

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Bathroom Remodelling: How to Save Money

Frame It

Love the look of a statement mirror in your bathroom, but can’t find anything in your budget? Get a fancy frame instead. Framing your builder-grade mirror gives it a strong new look. It also can hide any flaking around the edges. And you won’t have to hire an expert to hang it for you.

Go Vintage

Hit your local antique stores or troll through Facebook Marketplace to find cheap and one-off statement pieces. An old dresser can be your new vanity. That salvaged wood can be a chic curtain valance. You may even find a quirky sink or a classic bathtub. Gumtree could help you find your unique style while saving you a bundle.    

Get the Experts

We know you might be tempted to remodel the bathroom yourself, but trust us – getting us in to help could save you money in the long run. We’ve seen and done it all before, meaning we’re more efficient, and you don’t have to pay for more labour. You can also rest easy knowing the job will be done properly – so no nasty or expensive surprises later.

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