Commercial Building Leaks and Why You Shouldn’t Try Fix Them Yourself

Adelaide Plumber Commercial Buildings - Commercial Building Leaks

Commercial Buildings Leaks and Why You Shouldn’t Try to Fix Them Yourself.

Attempting to fix commercial building leaks can cause more damage than good. It may also cost more in the long run. If you suspect a leak in your commercial building get in touch with a professional to fix it. Modern Era Plumbing specialises in residential and commercial plumbing and offers affordable rates.

Why you should hire a professional to fix the leak

Commercial buildings (restaurants, multi-storey buildings, etc.) have complex piping systems and various water pressures across the building. Attempting to locate the leak and address it yourself could cause more strife than you imagine. If the leak is not properly fixed, water will continue to damage the building and cost more to fix later down the track.

Here are some commercial building leaks to be aware of along with some info on why you shouldn’t try to fix them yourself.


Roof Leak

Building roofs, particularly flat roofs, tend to have poor drainage systems. It’s this that makes them the common culprit of water leaks. If your roof is leaking, contact a professional immediately to drain the excess water from the roof. Ensure regular roofing inspections to check that there is no damage to the roof that could affect pipes, vents or drains.

Adelaide Plumber Commercial Buildings - Commercial Building Leaks
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Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing pipes can be found in the walls, underground and within the walls. It’s not easy to tell if a pipe has burst but over time the signs of a burst pipe will appear. Underground pipes will dampen and lift the flooring, wall pipes will leak into the walls creating dark water stains. The wall, ceiling or floor may also bulge. If you can’t see the leak, you might be able to smell it. A damp, musty smell is typically the indication of water damage in the home. Call your plumber to assist you in locating and addressing the leak.

Commercial Building Leaks
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Commercial Basement Leaks

A leak in the basement is hard to find if you’re not down there regularly. Leaks in the basement usually come from a cracked foundation. If you notice a crack in your building foundation, don’t be tempted to cover it up and hope for the best. Contact a plumbing expert to assess the damage and advise on how best to resolve the leak.

Commercial Building Leaks
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Clogged drains or pipes

You might be tempted to unclog a drain yourself. While unclogging a drain at home may seem easy (READ: How to Unclog Your Drain) a commercial building may need a more robust solution than just a plunger and vinegar. If you’re a restaurant, your drain could be blocked by stubborn build up that will require professional attention. We can hook you up with Hydro Jet Cleaning. Learn more here.

The hydro jet cleaning system is an efficient and reliable method of clearing blockages in drains, pipes and sewers. It uses a high-pressure jet of water (1500-4000 psi depending on the diameter of the pipe) to purge the piping. It is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and safe system, which is capable of clearing most blockages and can keep pipe systems clear for longer.

Commercial Building Leaks
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