DIY Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

DIY Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have - Adelaide Plumber

“I will prepare and someday my chance will come”

These words from Abraham Lincoln, while ironic, come in handy when being prepared for whatever your household plumbing problems may throw at you.

Amongst the few necessary tools that will help you shine when it comes to DIY plumbing expertise, preparation, knowledge and maintenance are key. These four factors are fundamental and will help save a lot of time, money and potential headaches.

Above all the tools are first and foremost. Without further adieu, here are 5 DIY plumbing tools every homeowner should have.

The plunger

Although not necessarily a tool, plungers are of utmost importance for quick fixes and potential disasters around the house. There are two main types of plungers; a cup plunger and a flange plunger.

The cup plunger works best for cleaning out a clogged sink, tub or any other flat-surface drains while the flange plunger has an additional soft rubber component which comes in handy when unclogging the toilet.

Both plungers are incredibly useful and can be a backup to the other when needed.

The auger and snake

When your plunger fails, your final weapon is the auger or the snake.

The auger is used to hook onto potential clogs in a toilet and pull them out. The snake is more adaptable and can be used in more areas of the house such as tubs, showers and sinks. These tools work in the opposite way of a plunger are designed to meet the clog and break it up to pull it out or force it down further in to the drain in order for it to be unclogged.

Teflon®/ Plumbers tape/ Duct tape

Another vital tool to have handy is good ole fashioned duct tape.

There are specific brands (Teflon® tape) that you can purchase and types that skilled plumbers may use. The tape can help prevent corrosion and by its sturdy and waterproof nature, fix any pipe leaks or fasten slipping rings. Ultimately, it can buy you some time before professional help arrives.

The pipe wrench

Considering piping is what creates plumbing, a pipe wrench can prove most convenient when tightening or loosening things that most tools are unable to grip around. The pipe wrench is adjustable and therefore can be made to fit any pipe or fitting size.

The adjustable wrench

While the pipe wrench is able to wrap around pipes of different circumferences, the adjustable wrench may take preference when it comes to the most necessary DIY plumbing tools. It has multiple uses and multiple functions and is capable of tightening and loosening bolts of all varieties.

There are an array of tools and gadgets available that will make your DIY plumbing more manageable. Keep these few around the house, always keep a bottle of Drano fluid and always have the number of a trusty plumber on hand.

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