How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

How to Clean a Gas Fireplace - Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Solutions - Gas Fitting Adelaide

Gas fireplaces are stylish, low maintenance and supply constant warmth to your home. They also make far less mess than a wood fireplace. But they do need a clean every once in a while. If you’re using your fireplace regularly, we’d recommend cleaning it weekly. If you’re not using it too often, once every month should do. Here are some tips on how to clean a gas fireplace.

Turn off the gas

Start by turning off the gas supply. The gas switch or valve is usually on the wall next to the fireplace. Wait for the fireplace to be cool and wait for all the gas to run out of the pipe before you start cleaning.

Log brush

Carefully remove the logs and take them outside for a brush off. Use a soft paintbrush or dust brush to gently remove any dust or debris. Keep an eye out for any splits or cracks in the logs as this is sure sign they need to be replaced. If your fireplace uses lava rocks, you can vacuum them with a hand vacuum.

Clean the fireplace

With the logs now removed, use a vacuum to remove any debris, dirt or dust from the fireplace. Cover your vacuum in plastic or a wash cloth so it doesn’t get stained from the debris.

Clean the glass

Remove the glass cover and clean the glass, as you would any other glass surface. Make sure you use fireproof glass cleaner. You can usually purchase this from Bunnings, Mitre 10 and in some cases grocery stores. Do not use regular house hold cleaner as these can react with the carbon deposits from the fireplace debris.

Give it a wipe down

Using a damp cloth, wipe down the area around the fire place removing any grubby marks or stains. Keep a bucket nearby to rinse the cloth so you don’t spread the dirt. For tougher dirt, mix up a little dish washing liquid and warm water and give it a scrub. Rinse thoroughly so no soap marks are left behind.

Let it dry and put it back together

Once the area is clean and dry, place the logs back into the fireplace ready for use. Remember to always inspect your fireplace to ensure it is still safe to use.

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