How to Protect Your Plumbing from Tree Roots

How to protect your plumbing from tree roots

Here are three ways to protect your plumbing from tree roots.

Tree roots love pipes. Why? Pipes contain heaps of water and nutrients that trees love. The roots grow towards moisture around the pipe and soak up all those nutrients. But sometimes the roots find a way to get into the pipes through a crack or small hole causing a lot of damage to your pipes. So how do we prevent this from happening?

Hire a professional with an auger

An auger is a drilling device that contains a rotating screw which helps move material out of a hole. Using an auger will fix the problem, but only temporarily. This solution may rid you of roots for now, but it won’t stop the roots from coming back. Continuing to use an auger will eventually wear the device down or kill the tree. But you might want to keep your trees alive! So here are two more options.

How to protect your plumbing from tree roots

Hydro jet it

Modern Era Plumbing’s hydro jet is an efficient and reliable way to unclog heavily blocked drains and even has the power to cut down roots, remove grease and scour rust and sand. This is by far the most successful and environmentally friendly way to deal with tree roots.

Got a blocked drain or a tree that won’t quit? Give us a call. We can check it out for you! 0400 386 991

Dig up the roots or use chemicals

The final option you have available is to dig up the roots. This is a massive job and would be super messy (and potentially pricey.) Another last resort is using copper sulphate crystals which will kill the roots without damaging the tree. You should be able to grab some crystals from Bunnings or Mitre10. Simply pour half a cup into your toilet and flush it. You can see this being done in the video below.

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