How to Unclog a Toilet – Plumber in Adelaide

Plumber in Adelaide - How to Unclog a Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet – Plumber in Adelaide

Having a toilet clog on you is never ideal.Here are a few steps that will assist in getting you out of a potentially awkward situation.

Plumber in Adelaide - How to Unclog Your Toilet
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1. Avoid the dreaded overflow

If the toilet doesn’t flush on the first go, don’t try to flush it again. Rather open the lid of the toilet tank and close the flapper that allows water to flow from the tank into the toilet bowl.

2. Prepare the space

To avoid splash and mess on the kitchen floor and around the toilet, place old towels or better yet, newspaper down. This will make the clean up hassle free.

3. Look for any obstruction

Preferably with a glove, see if you’re able to dislodge anything that could be causing the clog. This isn’t all that pleasant but it could be as simple as yanking something out. For piece of kind, It doesn’t always have to be gruesome, perhaps your kid thought the toilet bowl would make a cosy home for a small stuffed animal.

4. Plunge away

If there is not reachable obstruction, it’s time to get the trusty plunger and get to work. A useful tip is to run the plunger under hot water to soften it. This will assist in moulding the plunger and creating a seal. Start plunging slowly to prevent a full bowl from splashing all over the bathroom floor and you. Slowly, the clogged bowl should start to release.

5. Flush it down

Hopefully at this point the clog would be dislodged and you’re able to flush the dirty water or clog away.

If not, you may require a toilet snake to get to the unreachable place. This will break up the clog and force it down.

There are also drain cleaners that can be used that will eat away at the clog and break it down so that you can flush it.

Drain cleaners can be toxic and invasive. Another useful trick is to make your own.

– Boil half a gallon of water (allow to cool to hot tea temp before throwing it in the toilet as boiling water can cause porcelain to crack)
– Mix in 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar.
– Pour the mixture in to the bowl and let it sit over night.
(This will of course not assist in dislodging a toy or hard object)


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