How to use a coat hanger to unclog your drain

How to Use a Coat Hanger to Unclog Your Drain

I remember switching watches with a friend in the tenth grade for the weekend. I went to a friend’s house and managed to drop the watch (HER WATCH) in the toilet. Yep! How on earth was I going to explain that I couldn’t return her watch because I’d dropped it down the toilet? I called up a plumber who was going to charge R500 (I was living in South Africa at the time) which is the equivalent of $50. I’d pay that now for sure, but I was in high school, I didn’t have R500 to spend. I had to come up with another solution to get the watch out.

Yep, I used a coat hanger to make a snake (or a drain auger). This primitive tool is simple yet affected when it comes to unclogging drains (or getting a watch out the toilet) Before I tell you the story ended, here’s how you can use a snake to unclog your drain.

Using a coat hanger to unclog your drain
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Step one

If your plunger isn’t working, or you suspect hair is the culprit of your blockage. Grab a coat hanger, unwist it and create a hook at the end of to hook up any debris, hair or whatever else is blocking your drain. The hook will help you hook rather than push the gunk down further.

Step two

Wrap a rag around the end of the coat hanger with some duct tape. This will help prevent damage or scratching of your toilet. Carefully slip the snake down the drain and try and hook onto any debris you can feel, then carefully bring it up. Make sure you’re wearing gloves as their might be some splashback.

Step three

Have a bucket or bin nearby to toss away the gunk! If after a couple tries the drain is not relieved from its blog, give us a call on 0400 386 991.

Using a professional plumbing snake

A purpose-built plumbing snake is a ‘rich man’s coat hanger’. It’s been specifically designed to unclog the toilet, without damaging or staining the toilet bowl. The goal of the auger is to break up the debris that’s clogging the toilet. Weave the auger down the toilet and spin it to break up the debris, before carefully lifting it out of the toilet.

Again, if that doesn’t work, you might need something a bit more hardcore, like our Hydrojet Cleaner. We’re a call away if you need us – 0400 386 991.

Back to the story

After careful fiddling, feeding, pushing, hooking and a lot of slipping, I got the watch out of the toilet! AND it still worked. R500 saved and I felt oh so handy!

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