Keep an Ear Out for these Plumbing Sounds

Keep an Ear Out for these Plumbing Sounds - Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Services Adelaide

Ever heard a clank in your sink? A screech from your tap? Or a gurgle in your drain? Houses make sounds – floors creak, doors slam and windows crack, but keep an ear out for these plumbing sounds. If you hear them, there might be a problem with your plumbing…

Screeching or squealing

If your tap screeches when you turn it on, the washer in the faucet may be loose. The sound comes from the water rushing past the rubber making a squealing sound as it passes. With the right parts, this is an easy one hour fix. A worn-out stem (a part in the tap handle) may also be worn out. It’s recommended to replace the entire stem. Squealing from your taps can also occur if the water pressure is too high. The faucet can only handle a certain amount of water at a time. If loads of water has to come through the spout it causes a piercing screeching noise.


Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Solutions Adelaide - Keep an Ear out for these Plumbing Sounds


Don’t panic if you hear shaking sounds coming from your walls or sink. It’s pretty normal – unless it is really loud. If you hear a loud shaking noise, your pipes are most likely loose. You can fix this by tightening the straps of the pipes or by replacing them. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, get in touch with us – we’ll do it for you!


A gurgling sound coming from your drain usually means the drain is blocked (or on its way to being blocked.) If just one drain is gurgling, it may just be an issue with that drain. However, if all of them are making this noise there could be an issue with your drain vents. We can replace these for you. Contact us here.

Use our drain maintenance tips to help prevent your drain from blocking again.

Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Solutions Adelaide - Keep an Ear Out for these Plumbing Sounds


Whistling from your shower could be coming from you, or the shower head. If it’s coming from the shower head, it might be blocked. Remove it and give it a good clean with some vinegar and bi-carb. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need a replacement.

Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Solutions Adelaide - Keep an Ear Out for these Plumbing Sounds


Water heaters giving off a knocking sound usually means there is sediment build up. Without regular maintenance, water heaters build up limescale that blocks the water from coming through. If your water heater is making a knocking noise, we can resolve it. Find out more here.

Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Solutions are Adelaide based plumbers who offer a range of plumbing services to keep your home noise free! Visit our website to learn more.

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