Pet Proof Your Plumbing with These Simple Tips from a plumber in Unley

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Pet Proof Your Plumbing with These Simple Tips from a plumber in Unley

We love sharing our home with our pets, but we don’t love expensive plumbing fees. Your dog or cat could be damaging your pipes with you knowing it. Thankfully there are ways to pet-proof your home’s plumbing so you can avoid those unexpected bills. We’ve rustled up some simple tips to keep your fuzzy or feathered friend safe, and your drains blockage free.

Close Your Toilet Lids

Toilets are often full of harmful cleaning chemicals. Not only will closing the lid stop your pets from drinking out of the toilet, but it could save them from a sudden trip to the vet. Keeping the lid closed also prevents smaller pets from falling in. If you can’t keep your pet out of your toilet, consider installing a child safety lock.

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Pay Attention to Where Your Dog Digs

Keep an eye on Rover in your back yard – he might just be digging up your plumbing. While sewer and water lines usually are quite deep, other pipes might be just under the surface. Find out where your pipelines are and curb your dog’s digging in those areas. If you don’t know where your lines are, give us a call.

Cover Up Those Floor Drains

Does your small furry friend have run of the house? They could fall into an open floor drain and get stuck in your plumbing. Getting your pet out could not only be stressful, but expensive. So keep your drains covered.

Take Bath Time Outside

No one likes a dirty pet in their home. And while it may seem easier to give them a wash in the bath or sink, all that mud and fur could clog up your drains. Save your plumbing and clean your four-legged friend outside. If you must wash them inside, wipe or rinse your pet first, and use a drain strainer.   

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Keep that Litter Out of the Toilet

We know some kitty litters claim to be flushable – but trust us, it isn’t. Litter can build up in your pipes over time and eventually cause a blockage. Play it safe and throw that dirty litter in the bin instead.

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