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As with most things, prevention is better than cure. Meaning, the perfect way to save money is to make sure your plumbing is well-maintained so it never breaks. Neglecting your plumbing or doing poor DIY jobs can cause greater damage in the long term which will be costly to fix. Here are our plumbing tips on how to save money

Check for leaks (or don’t ignore them!)

Check your faucets for leaks or if you spot them anywhere in your home, don’t ignore them. Read common causes of plumbing leaks. Leaving your taps leaking will slowly but surely increase your water bill.

Install a dual flush valve

Dual flush valves cost a meer $24 to purchase and can be installed without professional assistance (generally.) Dual flushes help save water by giving you the option to use a ‘number one flush’ or a ‘number two flush’. Flushing everything with a ‘number two flush’ would use heaps of water, so this helps use less water, saving you money.

Don’t have a dual flush but want one installed? Give us a call on 0400 386 991. We can help you install it!

Is your toilet flushing properly?

If your toilet flushes are weak or the handle is ‘singing’ or needs to be ‘jiggled’ to stop running, you might need to repair some parts in the toilet. Worn down parts make the toilet less efficient which can waste water.

Keep drains and gutters clean and clear

Failing to maintain the health of your drain can result in clogging and blocking. Avoid putting crumbs, food scraps, coffee grounds and grease down the drain to keep it unclogged. After storms and particularly in Autumn, make sure your gutters are clear of leaves, twigs and debris. Full gutters can cause water to penetrate into the walls of the home.

Rule of thumb

Check and maintain! Regularly check your pipes, gutters, drains and faucets and keep them maintained. If you can do this, you’ll save heaps of cash on repairs you would otherwise have to pay for.