Signs that your sewage system is backed up

Signs that your sewage system is backed up

Sewer lines are attached to every part of your house that has water. They sit silently in the background, doing their thing until suddenly, one day, they get backed up and all hell breaks loose! This blog is about the signs that your sewer system is backed up.

Your drain is clogged

A telltale sign that your sewer line is backed up is clogged drains. There are many things that cause a drain to clog. Grease, hair, coffee grounds – you can usually prevent your drains from blocking (see blogs below) and it’s usually easy to unblock one sink, it’s clogged. BUT, if all of your drains are blocked simultaneously, this is usually a sign of sewage back up.

Read how to unclog your drain and 6 ways to unblock your drain.

Signs that your sewage system is backed up
Signs that your sewage system is backed up

Water backs up in other drains

If you flush your toilet and notice a gurgle in your shower or bathtub. That’s usually not a good sign. Even your sink gurgling when you use the washing machine is a sign that something is not right. Don’t ignore it. If you suspect that you have multiple clogged drains, your sewage system could be backed up. Give us a call and we can come and check it out for you.


Air gets trapped when there is a blockage causing bubbles. While bubbles are usually a sign of fun, in your sink, they’re a sign of potential sewage blockage. If you notice an unusual amount of bubbles when you flush the loo or in your drain, you might have a problem.

Poor toilet flushes

If your toilet isn’t flushing like it usually does that could also be a sign of an issue. A toilet should flush with great gusto! Plenty of water, plenty of ‘suck’ and a good strong swirl. If it doesn’t do this, there could be a sewer line back up.

Noticed any weird plumbing, draining or flushing issues in your home? Rather be safe than sorry and ring us in to come and take a look!

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