Kids and Your Toilet: Toilet Issues Caused by Kids

Toilet Issues Caused by Kids

Kids and Your Toilet: Toilet Issues Caused by Kids. An odd topic we know! But would you believe the number of enquiries and jobs we get that involved a kid and a toilet? From lodged foreign objects to falls we’ve heard it all! Here are a couple of ways you can prevent toilet mishaps.

Childproof your toilet

Between the age of 6 months to 2 years, you’ll need to baby-proof your home. That includes the toilet seat and toilet roll holder. Read this blog with tips on how to baby proof your bathroom. Toilets are overlooked as a drowning hazard in the home. So make sure you don’t skip babyproofing the toilet!

Toilet clogged with loo paper

Probably one of the most common games kids like to play is ‘pulling all the toilet paper off the toilet roll and stuffing it in the toilet’ game. If you catch your little one playing this fun one, you’ll need a plunger! You may even need some gloves to pull out what you can. If the toilet is too far gone, give us a call, we can help you out. Call Modern Era Plumbing on 0400 386 991.

Toilet Issues Caused By Kids

Toys in the toilet

‘Superman might be able to fly, but can he swim?’ Asked every child between the age of four and six. If you spot a floating toy in your toilet you can probably reach in and get it, but in some cases, the toilet may just not flush around the same time little Timmy lost his Superman figurine. If you try to fish it out yourself turn the water off at the base of the toilet to ensure that you don’t flood your bathroom. If you fear that you won’t catch him, call us instead.

Food in the toilet

Have you seen the video of the kid who chucked a heap of dog food down the toilet? Oops!

Some kids might think that sharing their leftover (or the dog food) with the toilet is just being kind, but be sure to let them know that while sharing is kind food makes the toilet very sick!


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