Water Irrigation Services – What is it and Why is it Beneficial?

Water Irrigation Services Adelaide

Water Irrigation Services – What is it and Why is it Beneficial?

Simply put, water irrigation is the artificial application and distribution of water to agricultural crops for the purpose of its production. It helps to maintain landscapes and assists in rejuvenating disturbed soils in dryer periods of lesser rainfall.

The key to efficient and maximizing irrigation is knowing what type works best for you and your production and operation. It’s important to have knowledge of system design, equipment, growth stage, plant species, soil composition, root structure and land formation. Having knowledge of the above will allow for management to know how much water to apply and how often.

It is a fine science whereby the irrigation system put in place should encourage plant growth whilst minimizing leaf burn, salt imbalances, soil erosion and water loss. All these factors need to consider the potential water loss caused by evaporation, wind- drift and run-off and water sinking below the root zone.

Why is irrigation important?

  • Firstly, irrigation allows primary producers to grow more pastures and crops.
  • They are able to produce water more efficiently and with more flexibility, ultimately yielding a higher production rate. This is due to them not having to rely on rainfall.
  • This, in turn, gives a higher quality of crops and pastures as well as gives it a lengthened growing season.
  • Irrigation is also a huge asset to the maintenance and care of livestock. One is able to stock more animals and provide tighter grazing management due to the reliability of what the pasture is able to supply.
  • Irrigation also increases value in property as it assists in supporting higher crops, pasture and animal production and the property is therefore seen as more valuable.
  • Irrigation opens up more opportunity and more space for farmers as they are able to maximize their space. Areas which may have not been ideal to grow in, become groomed and treated with irrigation to nurture pastures, crops and livestock. Remember to find the system that works best for you, your land and the pastures, crops and/or livestock that are being nurtured on it.
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