Why it’s not the best idea to use store-bought drain cleaners. Friendly advice from a plumber in Goodwood.

Plumber in Goodwood

Why it’s not the best idea to use store-bought drain cleaners

Friendly advice from a plumber in Goodwood.

We’ve all been there. A build-up of drain gunk and no regular maintenance creates a serious build-up which is dire and needs to be addressed post haste. The local grocery store is the obvious choice. But is it best for our plumbing system?


They can badly affect your pipes and plumbing

Store-bought cleaners have a heap of incredibly toxic chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, aluminium, bleach, and more. Getting these on your skin is, of course, harmful and can be painful. Not only this but the chemical reactions intent is to react together to induce temperatures of almost boiling. This is a lot for your pipes to handle.

If the clog is too big or isn’t fully broken up, the chemicals can be left sitting in the pipes, eroding them and of course posing as a health risk for the people living in the home.

It also means that any leftover drain cleaner could have a reaction with any other brand of cleaner you’ve thrown down before or will next.

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The effect on the environment

The above-mentioned chemicals are as toxic and as bad as they sound. Once thrown down your drain, they’ve got to go somewhere, that somewhere is right into our water system and out into the rivers, lakes, oceans, and more, leaving its mark on wildlife and plants in its path. Not to mention loads of plastic bottles in all shapes and sizes storing these chemicals.

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These drain cleaners affect you, your children and your pets

Plumbers will usually ask if you’ve used store used rain cleaner on your clog and if the answer is yes, they won’t touch it for at least 24 hours. They don’t want to run the risk of it splashing up and burning their skin. Which makes it clear you don’t want this stuff around your family.

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What should you do?

Maintain your pipes as much as possible. Be mindful of what is going down them, avoid oils and grease.

A less aggressive mixture of baking soda and vinegar can break down the clog. Is all else fails, calling in a plumber to address the issue is in your best interest.

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