Adelaide Plumbing – Why it Matters to Health, Safety and Sustainability

Adelaide Plumbing - Why it Matters to Health, Safety and Sustainability

Modern Era Plumbing has been involved for Adelaide Plumbing for over two years and are passionate about supporting homes and businesses with their plumbing.

Last month, on the 11th of March, plumbers and manufacturers of plumbing products celebrated World Plumbing Day. A day to celebrate the profession and raise awareness of the benefits of plumbing and why it matters to health, safety and sustainability.

Access to a precious resource

Plumbing gives us access to a precious resource – water. Without plumbing, we would be unable to access fresh and clean water. It’s easy to take water supply for granted. Next time you turn your tap on – think of your plumber.

Water efficient systems

After many years of learning and studying, plumbers have developed water-efficient toilets, dishwashing machines, showerheads and faucets. Caroma and Aquia create innovative water efficient dual flush toilets that save water. Contact us to learn more about water-saving toilets for your home.

Helping save energy

Water efficiency products like tap aerators, help save energy that would otherwise be used in transporting and heating. Faucet aerators assist in saving energy by allowing the water to flow in a steady stream of aerated water, reducing the volume of water but maintaining the water’s pressure.

Creating jobs

The plumbing industry plays a big role in our economy and not only helps support people by giving them access to safe water but creates jobs for people too.

Trade water management

On a commercial level, plumbers are trained to manage commercial businesses water systems, making them more efficient and making water recyclable.

Albert Einstein said “If I could do it all again, I’d be a plumber”. And I’m pretty happy with my choice to be one! If you’re looking for Adelaide plumbing services. Contact me on 0400 386 991.



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