Adelaide Renovations – Plumbing Services You’ll Need!

Adelaide Renovations - Plumbing Services You'll Need

Home renovations give you a new home without the stress of moving. Extensions, renovations or enhancements can help restore your home’s character and increase the value of the property. It’s an exciting time choosing paint colours, furniture, fittings. But it can also be stressful (we’ve all watched The Block!) With all the excitement and stress around your home renovation, it’s easy to forget the importance of installing a proper plumbing system. Modern Era Plumbing work on Adelaide renovations regularly ensuring renovated homes are set up with efficient and effective plumbing systems. Here’s a quick list of plumbing you’ll need for your renovation.

Plumbing design

Good plumbing design is efficient and should help save water and energy sources. You’ll need short runs between plumbing fixtures and high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. There are two systems within a plumbing design. One that supplies water and one that sorts out the waste.
If you’re renovating your home, moving sinks, basins, taps, etc. your plumbing may need to be re-designed. Paying to re-design your plumbing will typically cost a lot less than what it would paying to fix any mishaps from DIY plumbing.
If you’re searching for Adelaide renovation plumbing designs, we can help. Contact our friendly team on 0400 386 991 or submit a query here.

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Adelaide Renovations - Plumbing Services You'll Need!
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Solar and rainwater recycling

Rainwater recycling helps reduce:

  • Water bills: having your own source of water helps remove the dependency on municipal sources. This helps reduce your bill and makes your home more self-sufficient.
  • Flooding and erosion: collecting your own water source means it doesn’t collect in your garden, or the surrounding area causing corrosion or flooding.
  • Demand for ground water: our earth’s water source is slowly diminishing. Collecting and using rain water helps conserve ground water.

These are just three of the many reasons why solar and rainwater recycling is an important consideration when you renovate your home. With South Australia experiencing drought in country regions, Adelaide renovation intenders need to consider incorporating this in their homes.

Adelaide Renovations - Plumbing Services You'll Need!
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Gas heating

Electric is so 1999. Installing gas in your home helps reduce your energy bill, it’s low cost and helps reduce greenhouse gas. It provides instant heat in home, is flexible and reliable.

Thinking of making the switch to gas? We are experts in the installation of new gas units. Our plumbers fit gas units in businesses, existing or new homes. Using the correct skills, we can install your equipment in a manner that is both safe and secure.

Adelaide Renovations - Plumbing Services You'll Need!
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Renovating your home?

We offer a range or home renovation services. To enquire, give us a call on 0400 386 991 or contact us via our website here.

  • Plumbing Design
  • Gas fitting
  • Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Ventilation systems
  • Boilers, Central and In-Slab Heating
  • Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Eco Friendly Solutions – Solar and Rainwater Recycling
  • Roofing repairs
  • Drain Laying and Drainage
  • Water Tanks and Hot Water Installation
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