Common Commercial Real Estate Plumbing Problems

Commercial Real Estate Plumbing Adelaide

Issues with your commercial building can cause a lot of damage to your business. Imagine running a restaurant with toilets that won’t flush. Or a leak that drips on a big spender’s head during dinner. Plumbing issues don’t only cause damage, they cost you business. Here are some common commercial real estate plumbing problems to take note of.

Real Estate Plumbing Problem One

Leaking Faucets

Noticed a ridiculously high water bill lately? You faucets might be leaking. It’s usually pretty obvious if your faucet is leaking. Check them regularly and take note if any of them continue to drip after the tap has been turned shut. READ Common causes of plumbing leaks. 

Common Causes for Plumbing Leaks - Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Services Adelaide
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Real Estate Plumbing Problem Two

Clogged Drain

Everyone has had an experience with a clogged drain at some point in their lives. While residential clogs are pretty easy to fix, commercial buildings may need extra care and professional solutions. READ how to unclog your drain or how to unclog your toilet.

Be very careful with what you throw down the drain. Read our blog on what NOT to put down your drain.

  • Coffee grounds (these don’t break down in water)
  • Food (especially pasta and rice)
  • Eggshells (they can catch on other bits of items clogging your drain)
  • Medication (these can leak into water reservoirs)
  • Gold jewellery (although we’re sure if this happens it’s bound to be an accident)

Plumber in Adelaide - How to Unclog a Toilet


Real Estate Plumbing Problem Three

Singing Toilets

The term ‘singing toilets’ may bring funny images to mind, but the issues a running loo can cause is no joke. If you’re having to jiggle the toilet handle to get it to stop singing, running or whistling you need to get a professional in to inspect it. Read our blog on other plumbing noises to listen out for. 

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Real Estate Plumbing Problem Four

Toilet and Plumbing Repair

Toilets and plumbing are used regularly in commercial building and/or by large groups of people. Plumbing pipes, toilets, faucets, etc. will need to be replaced regularly. Keep an eye out for any loose handles on your toilets, any odd sounds from your walls or any signs of water damage.

Commercial Real Estate Plumbing
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Real Estate Plumbing Problem Five

Low Water Pressure

There is nothing more annoying than a shower with low water pressure. If you own a guesthouse, hotel or hostel,  make sure your taps have enough pressure to keep your guests happy. If the water pressure is low you may have a leak or burst pipe, but contact us to inspect it on 0400 386 991.

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