How to Unclog Your Drain

How to Unclog Your Drain - Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Services

We’ve shared tips on how to unblock your drain and some drain maintenance tips to prevent clogging. But sometimes your drain needs a bit more than toxic cleaner or vinegar. Here are two alternative methods for unclogging a drain.


Power-rodding is a relatively new plumbing weapon that helps unclog drains with severe blockages from hair or sludge. Power-rodding uses a flexible metal cable that’s inserted into drain systems. An electric motor then rotates the cable at a high speed helping to obliterate the build up. Once the sludge or build up has been dismantled by the power rod, it’s easily flushed with a flow of water.

How to Unclog Your Drain
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Hydro Jet Cleaning

Hydro-jetting is by far the most efficient way to unclog your drain.

Hydro-jet cleaning uses extremely high-pressured jets of water to dislodge any material that’s clogging your drain. The power of the jets can clear out debris, grease, thick sludge, hair and can even cut through tree roots.

Our Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner uses high pressure water and flow to cut through tree roots and other stubborn blockages in both sewer and storm water drains, whilst simultaneously intensively cleaning and descouring the pipe. Hydro-jetting clears the entire diameter of the pipe as water is forced out up to 60,000 psi, doing a thorough job at unclogging drains and pipes. Hydro-jetting not only unclogs, but cleans the pipes too. It’s environmentally safe and economical.

How to Unclog Your Drain
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Got a clogged pipe or drain that won’t budge? Modern Era Plumbing specialises in hydro-jetting services. Give us a call on 0400 386 991 or contact us here to enquire about this service.



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