Trade Waste Arrestors Adelaide

Water Trade Arrestors Adelaide

Trade Waste Arrestors Adelaide

Trade waste Arrestors act as a barrier between various contaminants and public waste and water pipelines.

What types are there?

To get a better understanding of these arrestors, it’s important to know what types there are.

There are the :

  • Grease trap arrestors
  • Silt arrestors
  • Cooling Arrestors
  • Lint Arrestors
  • Acid neutralisers

Who needs them and why they’re needed

The grease trap arrestor is important for commercial service and manufacturing environments such as food manufacturing facilities, the automotive industry, kitchens, restaurants and retail food service to trap grease, oil and contaminants. They assist in avoiding damage to water pipelines, water treatment facilities and the environment. This arrestor traps the greasy runoffs and will need to be cleaned as often as the demand that is put on it.

Silt Arrestors are used in kitchens, food preparation areas, commercial and bin wash bays, auto and mechanic repair workshops, as well as car/truck wash bays. The steel grate and frame is located in the ground level of wash down bays and acts as a filter system with an internal strainer.

Cooling Arrestors have a 2 chamber system. The first being the straining chamber which traps foreign objects and lint and then the second which cools hot/warm water to a temperature which is legally acceptable prior to being discarded into the water or sweet systems. Laundries, hotels, commercial venues, nursing homes and hospitals will need cooling Arrestors for their waste.

This brings us to lint arrestors which can be used in combination with cooling arrestors, lint arrestors are installed in similar environments to cooling arrestors. They trap lint or foreign objects that require removal before proper waste disposal. They have a removable straining basket for easy access and disposal. These can also be designed to cool down hot or warm water.

Acid neutralizers are incredibly important in environments such as laboratories, battery storage, art/craft workshops, metal industry workshops, and agricultural industries such as diaries.
A lot of acidic contaminants are involved in these industries. The acid neutralizer becomes a holding tank for water with high acidity to reach a normalized PH level prior to wastewater and sewage disposal.
The water is filtered through a 3 part system and through acid neutralizing marble chips which assist in regaining pH balanced, safe water.

Trade waste arrestors are so important for commercial, industrial, agricultural and all industries and companies with largely contaminated and in high demand use of water.
As the head of a company or business, one needs to ensure they have the right arrestors for their business’s activities in order to avoid contaminating our water pipelines and our environment, as well as meet the legal requirement for proper wastewater disposal.

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