Why the Shower Gets Hot or Cold When You Flush?

Why the Shower Gets Hot or Cold When You Flush - Adelaide Plumber

We’ve all been there. You’re sharing the bathroom with your partner. One of you is brushing your teeth (or on the loo). The other in the shower. And then – OUCH! The shower water goes hot (or cold). It’s a common problem in many households that people just learn to deal with. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some common causes for this happening and how you can fix it. If you get stuck, give us a shout, we can help sort it out for you – 0400 386 991.

The trunk and branch system

The most common reason why water changes temperature when another water source is in use is because of the trunk and branch system. Generally, a house has one large plumbing pipe going through it and smaller pipes branching out from it. When more than one water source is in use, it has to share the same branch which affects the water supply and temperature.

Reduce toilet water

You can reduce the amount of toilet water by tightening the supply valve, however this can cause other issues like a noisy toilet and/or not enough water to flush the loo. Consider getting a low flow loo or using a jug or bucket to fill give the toilet more water.

Mixing Valve

Get in touch with us to install a mixing valve that helps balance the water supply. When used, the valve adjusts, giving everyone enough water at the right temperature.

Share or give a heads up!

Generally most people just give their housemates, partners or family a heads up not to use the toilet or taps while the shower is in use. So just take turns to wash up so no one ends up with a burnt bum.

Increasing water or changing pipes

This is a fairly big job and therefore not a common solution to the problem. Reinstalling pipes or installing a manifold home run will increase water supply and distribute it evenly.

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